Lucas Melin

I work with developers to help them tackle the challenges they face in their daily lives - whether it's by building developer tools and platforms, facilitating cross-team discussions, or just acting as a sounding board and code reviewer.
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Apr 01, 2022
Ended my journey as Developer Productivity Team Lead at Bank of Canada!
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Developer Productivity Team Lead, Bank of Canada
Apr 01, 2022
Excited to join HashiCorp as Senior Engineer - Terraform Developer Productivity! 🎉
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Senior Engineer - Terraform Developer Productivity, HashiCorp
Mar 21, 2022
Published molting-release-action, my first public GitHub Action, to the GitHub Marketplace. It uses the molting Python package to update your changelog, bump your package version, and publish a new release on GitHub.

Creating a GitHub Action out of an existing CLI tool was surprisingly straight-forward, and definitely something I plan on doing again.
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Mar 09, 2022
Spoke at Hack Hours today about MLOps, and the similarities with DevOps practices.

4 core principles of MLOps that we discussed are:

  • Versioning (model code and datasets)
  • Automated data pipelines
  • CI/CD for Machine learning
  • Automated testing
Check out the demo repo for an example that ties all this together!
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Feb 13, 2022
I discovered Bitburner this weekend - it's an incremental game where you take on the role of a hacker in a cyber-punk world.  You interact with the game-world from a terminal using actual Unix commands and by developing custom scripts.

Part of the fun comes from automating the various game systems by writing scripts in Javascript. Here's my little collection:
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Jan 15, 2022
Just published this weekend's side project - wordle-operator, which lets you play Wordle from your Kubernetes cluster!

I've been wanting to build a Kubernetes operator as a weekend project for a little while now, and Wordle's been on my (and the internet's collective) mind lately. So, I decided to mash the two together so that you can play Wordle on any Kubernetes cluster.
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